VIDEO: Wake Up ft. Tremayne (Official Video) - Sandy Pearlman & Bones

    Sandy Pearlman & Bones are a Toronto based hip hop duo who have been recording and performing together since 2012.

    The Wake Up music video takes the duo to the back alleys of some iconic Toronto locations, including Honest Ed’s and the distillery district.

    An exclusive mix of tracks by the artists who performed at “the 2nd Annual Pearls & Bones Fest”, including three ALL NEW TRACKS by Sandy Pearlman & Bones!
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    This is the first single and visual released off of Sandy Pearlman & Bones’ new full length album “2D”. The video was Shot by: Bones, Sandy Pearlman, and Red2012 and edited/directed by: Bones. We hope you enjoy Frankenstein! Download the full album free on Bandcamp at 2PM on Tuesday August 27th and Stag Out!


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    The first single off the upcoming album “2D”

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